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Using Essay Templates

It Really Works!

Using Templates is like running on the fast lane. It is speeding up your entire IELTS preparation process.

Before we share our essay template for improving your IELTS score, we want to show you PROOF that using Essay Templates has helped our students.

Please read this whole article carefully because this is one of the secret weapons that have helped our students ace their IELTS Writing essays. We know VERY FEW IELTS teachers throughout the world who actually teach this so please pay attention if you are serious about improving your IELTS Writing in the quickest time possible.

Here's a message from our student:

As she mentioned above, Eileen felt she did badly in the Reading exam and wanted to give up and walk out of the exam hall before the Writing exam... Fortunately, she decided to stay on and even though she was low in confidence, she followed the Writing Template we taught her and she was able to pass her Writing!

Here's what another student WhatsApped us:

As you can read above, the Writing template we taught this student ​helped her to understand how each point should be elaborated for different types of essays. 

Having taught IELTS full-time for more than 7 years, we've come to realise something important that students need in order to do well for their IELTS Writing. They need TEMPLATES!

What Are Essay Templates?

Templates are frameworks of an essay that you can use to write a good essay. They contain parts of paragraphs and sentences.

Templates are “parts” and not the “whole” because an essay template is not the “whole” essay. Templates are not model essays for you to memorise and vomit during the exam. Please do NOT memorise whole essays because that just does not work.

Essay templates consist of IMPORTANT parts of the essay. It helps you with the organisation of the essay and forming good general sentences.

All you need to do is just fill the missing parts with your own ideas but the template would help you with a decent portion of your whole essay!

Why Students Need Essay Templates?

Essay templates can help students get higher score. WHY?

1) It provides a STRUCTURE or ORGANISATION of the essay. The template shows the student how many paragraphs the essay needs and how to form the different parts of the paragraphs.

2) It provides some GENERAL SENTENCES that can be used in a student's essays. If the student uses them, he or she will save time (which is very important) and the sentences used will be ERROR-FREE, thus improving one's writing score. 

That's why the author above says using writing templates is a "guaranteed tool for getting better scores". Our students would be able to tell you how our Essay Templates have helped them improve their IELTS Writing score!

How Essay Templates Help

Let us show you an example of one template we give our students. We give them 7 templates in all because there are 7 different types of IELTS Writing Task 2 essays, but here is one template we are showing you. You can download it by clicking on the image. 

Please take time to read through it carefully and you will be amazed at how easy writing essays is when you have an accurate template!

Click on the image to download the template.

As you can see from the above, the essay template gives the exact structure and organisation for this type of essay. You can use a "4-paragraph" essay structure. Other essay types may require a "5-paragraph" essay structure. 

It is clear through the template above how to structure this type of essay. For example, you will be able to know what to write in the first or second sentence of the introduction paragraph. Furthermore, you will know what to write in the first or second sentence of the body paragraphs. Everything is laid out nicely and it is very organised.

Beyond helping you with the organisation of the essay, it also gives you certain phrases. For instance, whatever IELTS question comes up, as long as it is of the "advantages and disadvantages" type of essay question, the student would be able to start the second sentence of the introduction with:

"While this offers a few advantages, there are also some disadvantages which are worth considering."

Also, the student could use the following template phrase when starting the second Paragraph which addresses the advantages:

"There are two main benefits to this development."

We will not go through everything here, but the point is that when you use good essay templates, you would be able to understand the organisation and use certain phrases that would fit that essay type over and over again.

Not only does this save time, but it also ensures that the phrases that you use are grammatically correct. For a student targeting IELTS Band 7.0, very often they will make a number of grammar mistakes. However, if you use a good essay template, you can minimise the number of grammar mistakes made as the phrases in the essay template (if it's a good one!) are 100% grammatically correct.

Creating Your Own Essay Templates

We have spent 7+ years creating our essay templates for our students, and we keep on editing them and refining them to make them better all the time.

These templates have helped a lot of our students improve their IELTS Writing score.

We will not be able to give you all our templates. They are for our students only! To find out more about our IELTS courses, click here.

Otherwise, if you are confident of creating your own templates and you have a lot of time to spare before your examination, here are our recommended steps to creating your own Essay Templates.

  • Be familiar with all the 7 different types of IELTS essays that can come up.
  • Think about the organization for each IELTS essay type. Should you use a 4-paragraph or 5-paragraph essay structure? Decide what sort of content will go into each paragraph.
  • Create really specific essay templates. The more specific you create, the more helpful it can be. Think of phrases you can use over and over again in each part as long as the essay question is of that certain type.

If you are lost, you can use the model we've given you above. Trust us, you will learn tons by creating your own Essay Templates!

But if you are someone who is struggling with using good English, or if you do not have so much time to experiment with creating your templates, you may be interested to find out more about the help we can give you.

Our students get structured video courses. Worksheets come with our training videos so that you get to apply what you've learned. That's because we strongly believe in putting into practice the lessons we have taught you. If you're keen to find out more, click here.

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